Scream From The Rooftops!!


I keep seeing these posts on Facebook telling people to keep their successes to themselves, don’t tell anyone what you’re working on so that they can’t ruin it, etc.. I think that is complete bullshit!! I think we should share any and everything that we want to share, especially the things that are exciting, with the whole world!

Reason #1:
What’s meant for you will always and only be yours no matter what anyone tries to do to hinder it. Have faith! Claim your victory and don’t be afraid to relish in it!

Reason #2:
It makes no sense to edit yourself or keep yourself under wraps so that other people will have less ammunition against you. If someone wants to injure you, it won’t matter whether you hand them the gun, the ammo or anything else. They’ll find a way/reason or they’ll just make something up so you might as well go ahead and toot your damn horn.

Reason #3:
Instead of editing your information, you probably need to look at editing your audience! If you can’t trust that the people with whom you share your successes or your goals aren’t genuinely rooting for you and wishing you the best, then why the fuck are they in your circle in the first place?? Root out and remove anyone who doesn’t deserve to be there. That alone will solve so many issues. Far too many people call themselves friends but have no real idea of what being a friend truly is, but that is a topic for another blog and another day.

You should never minimize yourself or feel like you have to move in the shadows for ANYONE else! Live your life brightly and loudly! You’re the only one who can.

That’s My 2 Cents on it. Y’all tell me what you think!

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