Say Their Names

Rest In Peace

Say Their Names
Names of some of the African Americans that have been murdered by law enforcement in America in the last few years.

Above is a list of African Americans who have been murdered in the United States at the hands of law enforcement. As you read this list I want you to consider the following:

  • Today is June 23, 2020. At least 6 more unarmed African Americans have been murdered in the United States since this picture was uploaded on May 31st.
  • These are only the names we know about. There could be hundreds more.
  • This list only includes names from the last 5-10 years of people who died while in police custody or during an interaction with law enforcement.
  • It does not include the thousands of lynchings, bombings, or cover-ups that everyone knows have happened but of which no one has the details.

Do you still wonder why African Americans are so furious?

Black Lives Matter

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2 thoughts on “Rest In Peace”

  1. I am a Black Woman living in the caribbean, and even from far I can see there is a MAJOR problem when it comes to Blacks VS Law Enforcers. How is in every situation the force is never warranted but a white individual goes into a public place or school and murders dozens of innocent people BUT THEY ALWAYS GET WALKED OUT LIKE A HUMAN BEING. Never have I seen (stand corrected if there was such a time) the person was slammed to the ground, ate dirt, lost teeth was choked or roughed up in anyway.

    But a black person sometimes minding their own business but “could be a suspect” gets shot and killed. NOT disarmed but KILLED.

    THEN to top it off the officers are not charged or if they do they get bail and on admin leave.. LIKE SERIOUSLY?


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