You’re Still Here!

…yet none of it ever destroyed me. We all have moments when we feel weak and small, when we feel like we cannot take any more. We feel dangerously close

The Trauma of Molestation/Sexual Assault

This week has been a particularly hard week for me emotionally. Those of you who know me, know that I am a very open person. I don’t mind sharing the
Good or Bad

My Current Struggles

What I dislike most right now are the internal struggles I am having between staying above the bullshit and expressing all the negative things I want to express as well

Emotional Abuse

There are many types of abuse and all of them are horrific but emotional abuse is quite possibly the worst of all due to its insidious nature. Many victims of

Caring for Aging Parents Can Be a Challenge

Topic Suggested by BajanBeauty Simone. Thank you! Many of us have parents that are seniors and whose health may be declining. We find ourselves shuttling our parents back and forth

I Am Who I Am

As defined by Dictionary.com:Authenticity [ aw-then-tis-i-tee, aw-thuhn- ] – Noun– the quality of being authentic; genuineness.Authentic [ aw-then-tik ] – Adjective – not false or copied; genuine; real: – having
Don't Beat Yourself Up

Be Gentle With Yourself

This world can be very abusive. With so many struggles and obstacles, life can beat you down and leave you like a puddle on the floor. But even with all
Say Their Names

Rest In Peace

Names of some of the African Americans that have been murdered by law enforcement in America in the last few years. Above is a list of African Americans who have

Juneteenth 2020

Today is June 19, 2020, and, more so than in any other year that I can remember, people all over the United States are celebrating the 155th anniversary of Juneteenth.

Be Teachable

I am a person who communicates and defends her boundaries. I am a person who speaks up when I feel like something isn’t right. Annoying as it may be, it’s
William Daniell - Eddystone Lighthouse During A Storm

So, You Say You’re Unbothered?

So, You Say You’re Unbothered? People who are unbothered remain unmoved regardless of the chaos surrounding them, very much like a lighthouse in a storm.Tenaja Ansar Seelowe, 8 May 2020

Anxiety & COVID-19

I know it’s all in my head but aren’t most things? That doesn’t make it any less terrifying. I have struggled with Generalized and Social Anxiety as well as Agoraphobia
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Love Me or Leave Me Alone

Learning to accept the things I cannot change. I can’t change anyone’s opinion of me, how they feel about me, what they say/do, etc. I can’t make anyone do anything.
You Gon' Learn Today

Hard Heads Learn Hard Lessons…Eventually

via GIPHY I am notoriously hard-headed. At least once a month, my mom has cause to repeat the saying “You’d argue with a signpost.” To which my usual smart-ass reply

When Pedestles Fall

You walked in smiling brightlyand asked for a seat at my table.I looked up from my lukewarm solitudeUnsurprised but not sure if I would be ableTo grant you all of

“Hurt people hurt people” is not an excuse!

We’ve all heard the saying, “Hurt people hurt people. Healed people heal people.” and I doubt any of us could argue the truth of the statement. Unfortunately, some people chose

SLiens, Please Stop!!

As the year 2020 approaches, I wanted to give you all my list of things we as SLiens (members of Second Life for those of you who are unfamiliar), really

Scream From The Rooftops!!

I keep seeing these posts on Facebook telling people to keep their successes to themselves, don’t tell anyone what you’re working on so that they can’t ruin it, etc.. I

Never Compare Yourself to Others

There will always be something. Something is always going to pop up and knock you on your ass. Sooner or later, something is going to put you so deep in

What can we, as individuals, do to fight injustice?

Speak up or nothing will change! I was scrolling through Facebook when I came across this video: , In the comments below the post, someone mentioned that they see injustices