Never Compare Yourself to Others


There will always be something.

Something is always going to pop up and knock you on your ass. Sooner or later, something is going to put you so deep in a storm that it feels like you’ll never see sunlight again.

You’ll look around and think everyone around you is living such awesome lives and have all their ducks in a row while looking at the mess, the herd of feral cats that is your own life and think, “Wtf am I doing wrong that everyone else is doing right? No one else seems to be having the issues I’m having. Why am I the only one that doesn’t feel like everything is rainbows, butterflies and glittery unicorn terds??”

It’s an inevitability. It’s normal!

Just know that the images you see of other peoples’ lives are not their total reality. Just like you, they have their own situations they are very likely not sharing with the outside world for shame or fear of judgment.

The world pushes us all to pretend everything is okay, to be perfect all the time. The world says we have to be flawlessly pretty/handsome, thin/muscular, rich, ambitious, great parents, great homemakers, great in bed, excellent wives/husbands, eternally even-tempered, well rounded, never troubled, never struggling, never angry, never hurting.
That shit is just not realistic!!

Folks on Second Life are even worse about that for some unknown ridiculous reason. We call each other out for having situations in our RL that may be less than favorable and pretend that our RL is perfect.
LOL, I’ve seen someone say “I never eat leftovers.” and insinuate that someone else was poor because they were talking about having leftovers. I mean if that’s your reality that is fine but how the fuck does that even happen?? How do you never have leftovers ever?? And when/if you do, if you’re not eating them, you waste them?? While there are people out here starving to death every day, you think that makes you look good? Does that make you feel superior somehow? I just don’t understand that line of thinking. But anyway, back to my real point…

It’s okay not to have your shit together, to feel like your world is turned upside down. It’s okay not to be rich or be a model or still be trying to figure out what you want to do with your life. It’s okay to be going through a transition and not be really sure what the outcome is going to be.


Don’t let these folks fool you into believing they never have any problems and never go through the same storms you are going through. That’s simply not how life works. We all have ups and downs and some of the downs are low as fuck but that is when you have to remember the highs and know that sooner or later you’ll be back up again. Do not let other people make you feel bad about the situations you have in life. You were given this world and this life and you are the only one that can live it, so do so without concerning yourself with the opinions/judgments of other folks who are too scared to admit that their shit stinks just like everyone else’s. Stop comparing yourself to other people!

“…for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.”

~ Desiderata

On the flip side, stop trying to make yourself look better off the backs of others!!! If your shine isn’t bright enough on its own without you throwing shade on someone else, then go work on polishing that bitch up and leave other folks alone to work on theirs without your negativity.

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