Don’t Look Back


“Don’t waste time looking back, you’re not going that way.” ~ Ragnar Lothbrok, Vikings

It finally happened. You knew it was coming, in fact, part of you has been anticipating it for a long while. Now it’s here. The relationship is over. The camel’s back is broken. You’ve parted ways. You’re done, your partner is done….. now what?

During the first few weeks and months, it can be extremely tempting to look backward; stalking their social media, having friends report back to you about them, etc. They’ve been a part of your everyday existence for so long. It’s totally understandable that you would miss them. You want to know if they are as affected as you are. You want to know if the suspicions you had about their past activities turned out to be true. You want to know who they are turning to now that you are no longer available to/for them. Your friends want to make you feel better by telling you how the new person they are dating doesn’t compare to you. In the end, what does any of that information gain you? Nothing!

It’s none of your business what your ex is doing now.

In reality, it’s none of your business what your ex is doing now. They are no longer your concern. They stopped being your concern when either of you decided to end the relationship. Your concern now is you! Use the time and energy that you would have expended finding out what they are up to towards making sure that you heal, that you learn all of the lessons that the relationship tried to teach you, and that you grow. Tell your friends to stop reporting your ex’s actions back to you. Tell them that you don’t need spies, you need their emotional support and strength.

With time and support, you’ll get through this and it will be okay. I promise. <3

That is just my 2 cents. Give me yours below!

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